There is nothing worse than schlepping something from your car to an event just to find out you can't bring it inside. You either have to walk it back to you car, hope they will hold it for you, or throw it away.

For security purposes, the Dick's Sporting Goods Open has released a list of prohibited and a list of permitted items.

Here the list of what you can not bring into The Dicks Open including the concert for tonight with Bon Jovi.; No bags larger than a small purse, 6 inch by 6 inch, that includes carrying cases, backpacks, camera bags, or chair bags. Also no beverages, food, or coolers will be allowed in. No plastic, metal, glass cups, cans, or containers of any kindwill be permitted, except for medical or infant needs. No laptops or computers, no fireworks or laser pointers, no lawn or oversized chairs will be allowed past the gate.. Also prohibited seat cushions in a carrying case that have pockets or compartments, pets except for service animals, no knives or firearms, no video cameras, or point and shoot cameras.

Here's a list of what you can bring into the golf course; personal bags 6 inch by 6 inch or smaller, mobile phones, point and shoot film or DSLR cameras with lens smaller than 6 inch without a case, umbrellas without sleeves, medically necessary materials. Collapsible chairs will be allowed, but only without chair bags. You can also bring binoculars without case, and seat cushions that do not require a carrying case and do not have pockets or compartments.

Security will be tight. You will have to walk through medal detectors and permitted bags will be searched. It's going to take a while to get in at En-Joie tonight, so give yourself plenty of time.

Here's a picture of the stage being set up on Thursday.

Jim Free
Jim Free


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