Maybe it's because I'm such a heavy sleeper but the fireworks did not keep me awake at all this week. Once I fall asleep, I usually don't hear anything. I live in Endicott, and people that live on the street behind me and probably about six houses up, shoot off fireworks the whole week of July 4th. I heard some of them going off Wednesday night around 9:30 or so. I'm sure they were shooting them off until at least midnight, but I fell asleep and didn't hear anymore once I dozed off Even today on Facebook, I saw where people were complaining that people were still shooting off fireworks late last night as they were trying to fall asleep.

I know some people that have animals that are afraid of the fireworks. I have friends whose dogs have ripped apart parts of their home during fireworks. Other dogs would just crawl on their owners and pant. I have friends who have cats that disappear when fireworks are being shut off. They will hide under a bed or under a couch and not come out for hours.

I've never had an animal that was afraid of fireworks. As a matter of fact, the last dog I had was a Golden Retriever named Hutch, and he was not afraid of any loud noises. We would sit on the back porch watching lightning during thunderstorms and he would lay right there at our feet not reacting to the thunder at all. Even when those neighbors around the corner from my house were shooting off fireworks, Hutch would look over towards their house and then look back at us like what was that? But again, it didn't seem to bother him.

If the fireworks were keeping you awake all week, I hope for your sake your neighbors are done shooting them off. And for the people shooting them off, It's July 9th already, maybe you should give it a rest.

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