Last week Canada made it legal to use marijuana recreationally. Yesterday, July 1st, both Vermont, and Massachusetts joined the growing list of states here in the United States that have made it legal to use marijuana recreationally. What's up New York?

According to News Channel 13 WNYT in Albany, it is now legal in Vermont to possess small amounts of marijuana. News Channel 13 went on to say, that in Massachusets, the Cannabis Control Commission has yet to award any retail licenses to sell pot. However, that is expected to change this week.

I've blogged about marijuana a bunch of times. So often that people probably think I'm a pothead, but I'm really not. In fact, if marijuana was to become legal for recreational use here in Binghamton, I would probably only partake a few times a year. I haven't gotten high in years. And thinking back to when I was much younger and did catch a buzz, a couple of times I got really paranoid. So it's not something I would be doing every day. But I still think it would help raise a lot of money in taxes for the state Not to mention all the jobs it would create from the farming, shipping, and selling the marijuana.

New York is one of 29 states that has already legalized the use of medical marijuana. I think it's only a matter of time before Governor Cuomo signs new legislation it into law that allows the use recreationally here in New York. What do you think?

[via WNYT]


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