Yesterday the Little League team from Japan won the Little League World Series. It was the fifth time in eight years they won the title. When it comes to some of these teams they take the best players from the country and send them to the United States, to Williamsport Pennsylvania, to play in the tournament One year ago today, 11 boys from the Maine-Endwell area shocked the world.

Their season was a perfect season. They won every game including the championship game against South Korea. My wife and I along with another couple, friends of ours, decided to take the trip to Williamsport that Sunday morning, to help root on the Maine-Endwell team.

When my step-son played Little League, he played for West Corners, so Maine-Endwell would have been rivals. But once they made it to the tournament, we all adopted them as if they were our own.

It was amazing to see that final pitch of the game when a little town in Upstate New York made World Wide News. You could feel all of America rooting for them.

The boys were treated to an incredible homecoming as well as being honored at Major League Baseball games in New York City and other places. They will never forget that event including receiving the World Series Championship rings. And people in our area will never forget the boys that put Maine-Endwell on the map with the road sign on Route 17 saying "Home of the 2016 World Champions".

I know they've heard it a million times and here it is one more time a year later, but, congratulations Maine-Endwell Little League! We are still so proud of you.

[via PyroWolf/You Tube]

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