The United States Olympic Mens Basketball Team won the Gold medal after a dominating performance against Serbia 99-66.

I watched every game of the 2016 USA Basketball Dream Team, and at times I had some doubt if they could actually pull it off.

The United States controlled first two games of the Pool Play competition with blow outs over China (119-62) and Venezuela (113-69)

The Australian team gave us some competition but Carmelo Anthony came through and the US pulled off a 98-88 victory.

The next two games went down to the wire including a three point nail biter over Serbia (94-91) in which they had a last second shot to tie it up but missed.

Then we played a French team that almost beat us and again we managed to pull out a three point win (100-97) remaining undefeated going into the quarterfinals.

I believe that was the turning point for the USA Team, because they never really looked back after that beating Argentina 105-78, Spain 82-76 and the rematch with Serbia was a total blow out with Kevin Durant exploding with 30 points.

Most of you know I am a Knicks fan, so I haven't had much to cheer about over the past years, but seeing Carmelo Anthony play on this team has made up fo some of the disappointing seasons watching him play for the Knicks.

What a great stage and USA Mens basketball team are truly the World Champions.