The Knicks have lost eight of their last nine games, Carmelo Anthony was ejected for the third time this season, and Derrick Rose was a no show for Monday's game.

I haven’t said too much this year about the New York Knicks, with a 17-21 record they are a team that is in disarray, less than halfway through the regular season.

Can the Knicks turn their season around and break the slump they find themselves in? yes they can with 47 games remaining a winning streak could put them right back into the playoff picture.

The big question is what is going on with Derrick Rose? He was a no show for the Monday night game at  Madison Square Garden, and no clear explanation was given before or after the game.

I saw a few games this year where Coach Hornacek benched Rose in the fourth quarter, that’s got to be hard to handle after you’ve been a former league MVP.

Carmelo Anthony was ejected again for arguing with the officials, this is the third time this season he has been bounced, clearly a lot of frustration with the team play thus far.

Melo is the leader of this team, but I have a feeling if this season is a bust, he’ll look to be traded next season, maybe sooner.

The Knicks got blown out Monday night by a New Orleans Pelicans, a team that is 10 games under 500.

The biggest problem facing the Knicks is their defense, they consistently allow the competition to score 60 points in the first half, and generally trail going into the third quarter, it’s an uphill battle most of the game.

The offense is out of sync too, but they have talented players who can drive to the basket and shoot from outside as well.

I would not be surprised to see a few trades in the works to get some players who can defend.

The Knicks will look to turn things around as they travel to Philadelphia tonight to take on a 76ers team that has only won 10 games this season.


Go Knicks!

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