While sports venues are easing up restrictions on the number of fans that are allowed to attend a game, it appears all that pent up energy is coming through in a negative way.

The NBA has noted many incidents of fans throwing objects and shouting obscenities at the players since the fan have come back.

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In a press conference last week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said no one is going to get away with an act like that, and that the NBA has a Zero Tolerance for such acts.

Over the past few weeks there have been several incidents of unruly behavior involving fans, why is this happening? Is this a result of fans being locked out from the live sporting events for over a year?

That may be the case but it doesn’t justify this kind of aggressiveness, and it only hurts the game and ends up with criminal charges and banishment from future events.

Here are five incidents that have happened over the past few weeks during NBA playoff games.

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