Almost 50 games into the season and the New York Knicks are fading game by game, once again giving fans doubt to any post season opportunities

New York Forward Kristaps Porzingis has been selected to participate in the Rising Stars Challenge during the All Star break, and the Knicks season continues to be a sinking flop.

The team has won 3 of their last 10 and the losing and inconsistencies have the organization looking at some possible trades before the deadline next month.

I think they will make some chances but will it be enough, and how much will they give up.

The Knicks have first round draft picks this year so most fans do not want to see them up (unless Lebron James or James Harden are on the table)

Three reasons I do not want to see their first round picks go, Eddy Curry, Antonio McDyess and Stephon Marbury, three of the biggest trade disappointments in Knicks history.

Rumors are circling around that Carmelo Anthony would be open to a trade, but I think Melo wants to go to a contender.

There is also a rumor that Lebron James is asking Cleveland for some help as he continues to carry the Cavs, what Anthony go there and what would the Knicks gain in return?

Another rumor is Minnesota Timberwolves star Guard Ricky Rubio may be on the trade table.

I would hate to see New York give up their draft picks for what I perceive to be a band aid on their team play.

I think trading for more draft picks from teams might be the way to go and rebuild through the draft.

I don't see them team doing much this season, best case they squeak into the playoffs and get blown out in the first around.

February 23rd is the NBA trade deadline, look for some moves and lets hope for the best.

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