The Knicks and Hawks combined for 281 points in a four overtime loss to Atlanta 142-139, Knicks first 4 OT game since 1951.

Carmelo Anthony had 45 points and lasted into the second overtime when he fouled out, Kristaps Porzingis and Joakim Noah both fouled out, and the Knicks had to rely on their bench to try and out last the Hawks.

The game finally ended with Courtney Lee getting two shots behind the arc which would have sent this game into a 5th overtime.

I'm not sure what is missing with this team, especially when you see them play a game like this.

I hope the Knicks front office has been taking notes over the past several games and are trying to figure out what is missing in the team infrastructure.

One thing I have noticed is the incontinencies in the defense and lack of focus on the offensive side.

If you look at this team on paper they should be a playoff team, but they are about 3 games out of the eight and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

I still think there will be some trades within this organization before the deadline on February 23rd

The big question who will they trade, I know Carmelo Anthony's name has been mentioned and I'm sure there are teams that would want him, but what would the Knicks get for him?

The Knicks are 21-28 and if they're going to make a playoff push they may need some help so February should be an interesting month.

Go Knicks!

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