The New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee may be dropping impeachment proceedings against soon-to-be former Governor Andrew Cuomo but the speaker of the House promises there will be a public report.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo official photo
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo official photo

While Carl Heastie announced Friday, August 13 that, under legal advice, the committee could not look to impeach Cuomo as he will no longer be a sitting elected official, the legislative report on alleged misdeeds will be made public.

Cuomo has been under scrutiny after being implicated by an Attorney General investigation into sexual harassment against 11 women as well as the underreporting of COVID-related nursing home deaths, possible use of public resources in the writing of his multi-million dollar book on his response to the pandemic and even on the construction of the replacement to the Tappan Zee Bridge which the Governor renamed the “Mario M. Cuomo Bridge” in honor of his late father, former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo.

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There is no indication on just when the Judiciary Committee findings may be released to the public.

Cuomo is due to leave office in one week at 12:01 a.m. August 24.  Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul then steps in as the 57th Governor of the State of New York.

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