You're more likely to find Freddy Krueger on Elm Street than you are to find marijuana edibles in you're child's Halloween candy.

Parents are being warned to check their children's Halloween candy for marijuana edibles. No one is going to hand them out, unless it's by mistake. "The ridiculous and unfounded claim is just another way for the anti-weed apologists to demonize marijuana yet again," said NBC.

Do you know how much marijuana edibles cost? A small bag can run anywhere from $10 to $20. One tiny piece can cost more than a dollar. No one is going to spend that much just to toss them out to kids in the neighborhood.

In some states, edibles resembling candy are illegal. In 2017, the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado banned the sale of edibles in the shape of a human, animal or fruit. The move came after a bill passed in April 2016 that aimed to ban THC-infused lemon drops, gummy bears and other edibles that might attract children.

The only way marijuana edibles would ever end up in a child's Halloween bag is if someone was so high they handed it out by mistake. But that's still unlikely. Just ask anyone who has ever bought some.

This doesn't mean parents shouldn't be vigilant and go through all the Halloween candy, just to be safe. Plus, you get to see all the goodies the kids brought home and can stash a few of your favorites for yourself. Or maybe that's just me.

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