So, how's your Tuesday going? Just another day at work or home, counting the days until the weekend right? By the way, the weekend is just a little over three days away.

Since everyone (or almost everyone) is talking and posting pictures or videos of the weather event happening, I thought it might be a good idea to write about something else, maybe to get the weather issues out of your mind, at least temporarily.

Think about how soon spring will be here. Do you have any plans for this spring or summer? Maybe a vacation camping or heading to a theme park. Possibly a cruise to the Caribbean (that would be awesome about right now) or traveling to another country for vacation.

Some will take time off as a 'staycation', just relaxing at home to do some projects around the house, get in some barbecuing or just drink a lot of beer in the backyard, provided you have a backyard.

At any rate, your spring and summer weather will be great. Even if it's a bit too hot or muggy, think back to March 14th, and all your issues will melt away.

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