What a difference a year makes. Unlike a year ago, there are no long lines expected and no police officers standing by polling places as residents go to vote on amendments to the state constitution as well as numerous local races and State Supreme Court Justice.

Californians Head To The Polls For Early Voting Ahead Of Super Tuesday
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The most closely watched races in Broome County include Family Court Judge, Broome County Clerk and Binghamton Mayor.

The mayoral race in Binghamton is one of the most heated with allegations of misconduct and misinformation flying on both sides.  Democrat Councilman Joe Burns is facing Republican Jered Kraham, who currently serves in the administration of current Mayor Richard David, who is ineligible to run due to term limits.  Kraham and Burns are the only candidates listed on the ballot.

The Family Court Judge race has seen a slew of television ads and lawn signs touting the individual talents of the crowded field. Democrats Mara Grace and Sandy Monachino and Republicans Veronica Gorman and Brett Noonan are competing for two seats on the bench.

Incumbent Republican Joseph Mihalko is facing Democratic challenger Harris Weiss for Broome County Clerk.

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The amendments on the back of the ballot concern drawing of district lines to include a count of undocumented immigrants in a region as part of the population, clean air and water measures, allowing absentee ballots to be requested without an approved excuse for that request and same-day voter registration.


There may also be some local propositions on the ballot. For example, in Tioga County, Richford Proposition One asks that a measure that had been approved by the Town Board to prohibit recreational marijuana shops in the town be overturned, allowing cannabis dispensaries.

Polls are open until 9 p.m.

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