Another twist in the legal case involving a small community in Northeast Pennsylvania and one of the largest gas drilling companies in the nation.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office says it might seek removal of a judge expected to preside over a criminal case involving residents in Dimock in Susquehanna County and Cabot Oil & Gas.  At issue is word the judge has ties to the defendant, the state’s biggest gas driller.

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State prosecutors charged Cabot Oil & Gas in 2020 with polluting residential water supplies in Dimock.

The case has drawn national attention and been the point of news reports and documentaries as some residents of the rural community famously were able to light their tap water on fire.

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The case has yet to be assigned to a judge, but the county's only judge serves on the board of a charitable foundation that has received millions of dollars in corporate donations from Cabot. A Cabot executive is also on the board.

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