When it comes to Thanksgiving Day the majority of people in the United States enjoy a turkey. Some people have ham, some have steak, some have fish, and some eat tofu. And even though the majority of people eat turkey, when it comes to the side dishes, that's where there's a huge variety of favorites.

At my house, when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, it's always been turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, three different kinds of vegetables, stuffing, sweet potatoes (which I find disgusting), and plenty of desserts. We must be the weirdos according to a new survey.

According to House Method, they have compiled a list of the most popular Thanksgiving recipes by state. According to their research, New York's favorite Thanksgiving dish is salad. Really, a salad? I want to know who they spoke to that said their favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is salad, but I'm glad I don't go to their house for Thanksgiving.

Hell, the Peanuts gang Thanksgiving with popcorn and toast would be better than a salad.

Things were a lot more conventional across the border as Pennsylvania picked roasted turkey as their favorite dish.

And when it came to desserts for Thanksgiving, New York again threw a curve-ball with brownies being the most searched sweet Thanksgiving recipe.

Again, Pennsylvania was a little bit more traditional with people searching for recipes on how to make pumpkin pie.

Click here to see the results in every state.

Just please do me a favor, if somebody calls you and you agree to take a survey, please take it seriously so you don't make the rest of the people in your state look like idiots. Ok? Thanks.

And Happy Thanksgiving

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