Thanksgiving is hands-down my favorite meal of the year. Every Thanksgiving I say to myself, "we need to start having a Thanksgiving meal once a month". I would guess I probably have a turkey dinner three times a year and that does not include the leftovers the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving dinner is always held at my sister's house. Everyone brings something and there is always a ton of food.

We always have turkey, mashed potatoes. stuffing, halupki, sweet potatoes, two different kinds of veggies, and either green bean casserole or broccoli salad.

For dessert, there is usually at least four different things to choose from. We always have at least 20 people at my sister's house for Thanksgiving. That's one of the things I like most about the holiday,  hanging out with family and friends of the family. After we are done eating and cleaning up, it 's time for football and board games.

I guess our Thanksgiving dinner is a lot like yours, at least food-wise, because YouGov released the results of a new survey where they asked people what the most popular Thanksgiving foods were. No surprise turkey finish first with 86% of the people saying turkey was most popular.

According to the YouGov survey, mashed potatoes finished second followed by stuffing, bread rolls, and pumpkin pie at 62%. Other things that made the list were yams or sweet potatoes, which I personally think are disgusting, apple pie, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pecan pie.

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