Every year during the week prior to Thanksgiving, our boss treats us to a Friendsgiving Luncheon here at the station. Yesterday we had a complete Thanksgiving Day dinner catered by Marilu's Catering.

All the jocks from our sister stations as well as the Whale D.J.'s, our sales staff, and managers all joined together for the Thanksgiving Day feast. Due to Covid-19, we were all spread out at least six feet apart around the room, but we were still able to enjoy conversations while we dined on delicious turkey, homemade stuffing and mashed potatoes, an assortment of roasted squash, salad, and desserts.

We spoke about everything from business related things, to what people are watching on TV at night. I'm glad I made a fresh pot of coffee before we started to eat or I probably would have been sleeping by 1 o'clock. After my second helping of food, I knew I would be pretty useless the rest of the afternoon. So I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and made my way downstairs to record some commercials.

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I don't know if it was the tryptophan or the ungodly amount of calories I consumed, but it was taking me a lot longer than usual to record those commercials. I kept making mistakes along the way while dreaming about another piece of that awesome pumpkin pie. When I finally finished and made my way up stairs, I saw our Business Manager Debbi, and I asked her if anyone was planning on coming downstairs to check on me to see if I had fallen asleep and one of the production rooms. She just laughed and said she was dragging as well.

Hopefully we will be a little bit more productive this afternoon, unless there's leftovers in the fridge, then we'll have a heck of a lot of work to get done on Friday. I'm glad we do this every year because it's a nice warm up for all the eating I will be doing on Thanksgiving.

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