I brought a lunch to school for most of my elementary through high school years. Money was a bit tight back in the day. But I didn't mind. My lunch from home was probably better than what was served in the school cafeteria.

I remember the smell of a school cafeteria. Some days it smelled great, other days, well, I'm not sure what was cooking on the stoves, but I was glad I had my bagged lunch from home.

For those of you who did partake in the school lunch, I asked what was the one (or more) food item served in the school cafeteria that you really hated. Once again, the responses flooded in. Now, maybe I'm really glad that I brought my lunch to school, even though it was usually a bologna or tuna sandwich.

Some of the comments made me laugh. Obviously, some of the types of school cafeteria food aren't something you will ever forget. There were comments from people who loved school cafeteria food. I'm sure it wasn't that bad.

And one person reminded me that the weekly menu used to be published in the local newspaper. Weren't the daily menus also read on the radio back in the 60s and 70s or am I just imagining that?

So, check out what you and your old schoolmates had to say about their worst school cafeteria food experience. I'm sure it's changed since we were all in school. Or has it?

Worst School Cafeteria Food Ever

Worst School Cafeteria Food Ever

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