The American Farm Bureau released their annual study on how much it should cost you to serve Thanksgiving dinner this year. And believe it or not, it is slightly cheaper than it was last year, but only by 20 cents.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says that you should be able to serve dinner for 10 people for just under $50. They're saying the cost should be less than $5 per person and the total should come out to $48.90.

That is based on serving turkey, stuffing, rolls and butter, cranberries, sweet potatoes, a veggie tray, peas, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, coffee, and milk. (keep scrolling for more)

Now I don't know about your family, but at our family Thanksgiving dinner, there are a few turkeys so we all have leftovers to take home and make sandwiches. We have different kinds of beer and wine, and there are usually 5 different deserts too. So our price is probably twice as much.

Every one of my siblings brings something. I'm responsible for the drinks at our Thanksgiving get together and I already picked up two 30-packs of beer at 20 dollars or so each, and roughly 60 cans of soda, and a 40 pack of bottled water. Not to mention the wine, I'm sure Chris will two or three bottles to take with her before we leave the house on Thursday.

For the first time ever this year, the American Farm Bureau also added some optional foods for your feast including; ham, russet potatoes, and green beans. With those foods added to your meal, you're looking at adding another $13 to your total.

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