As New Yorkers celebrate getting a majority of neighbors at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19, the upcoming 4th of July holiday or whatever other occasion people like to mark by blowing things up, authorities remind residents that not all fireworks are legal in the state.

New York State Police photo
New York State Police photo

New York only recently allowed some pyrotechnics that do not shoot up into the air to be bought and sold and used.  There still are a lot of devices, many of them potentially dangerous, that are still illegal.

Over the weekend, the New York State Police in the Syracuse area conducted an illegal fireworks detail at 73 central New York convenience stores.

Troopers in the three-day detail confiscated 435 pounds of fireworks and made 5 arrests for possession of illegal fireworks.

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They also wrote 21 traffic tickets in areas of fireworks complaints, made a drug arrest, arrested a person as a fugitive from justice during a traffic stop and answered eight calls for fireworks-related complaints.

Caution is urged when using even legal fireworks and sparklers as there are hundreds of reports of injuries and occasionally deaths attributed to careless use of devices.

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