According to New York State Police are watching the PA border to stop illegal fireworks from entering New York

Over the past week several people have allegedly been caught with illegal fireworks in our area, authorities have received many complaints and the New York State Police are watching the NY / PA borders.

The recent pandemic has caused the cancellations of Fourth of July events in our area, and many people feel the need to create their own pyrotechnics.

Binghamton Mayor Richard David has warned residents that people caught with illegal fireworks could face fines and prosecution.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has addressed the illegal fireworks issue that has affected many areas of the state.

Patrols will be out in full force this week to crack down on people illegally purchasing fireworks, the article explains.

Fireworks are fun to watch, but they are illegal in New York State and can be very dangerous, causing harm and even death.

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Joe Stanley speaking on WNBF’s First News Binghamton, said he has handled cases of bodily harm and damage to property involving illegal fireworks.

Getting caught with illegal fireworks, injuring yourself or others, damaging someone’s property is not worth the risk.

Firework displays should in theory be back next summer and we can all enjoy them under the supervision of a trained pyrotechnician.

There are all types of things we can include in our July Fourth weekend, barbeques, camping, swimming, walks in the park and much more.

Play it safe, be smart and enjoy your Fourth of July Weekend

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