Last week I told you the story of my stepson Ian having to self quarantine for 14 days after one of the students at school he was subbing at in Broome County was diagnosed as having Covid-19.

Ian didn't have any symptoms, but he wanted to get tested anyway just to make sure. He spoke to the health department on Wednesday, and finally had an appointment set for Saturday over at Binghamton University.

He said that when they administer the test, they stick the instrument up your nose and he said that he felt a pretty severe pinch. Then the waiting game began. He didn't find out until yesterday, Tuesday, that his test results came back negative.

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I didn't get a chance to ask him if he still has to remain quarantined for the remainder of the 14 days, or if he can go back to work now that he has tested negative. I'm sure he can reach out to the health department and ask them that question, even though I'm sure they have their hands full with everything that's going on.

When he first told Chris and me that he may have been exposed and he was going to quarantine at his father's house, the school told him that Chris and I should have nothing to worry about and that we wouldn't have to quarantine unless Ian tested positive. Thank God it was negative.

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