My stepson in is attending Binghamton University for his master's degree in secondary education. While he's attending B.U., he's also substituting in a Broome County School District.

Actually, since the beinging of the school year, Ian has been filling in everyday the class is in session, while the teacher works remotely from home. That way, somebody is in the classroom to deal with the kids if they have questions or if they need help.

Yesterday afternoon, he called me to tell me that he will be quarantining at his father's house for the next 14 days, because one of the kids in the class he's been subbing in tested positive for Covid-19.

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So Ian went today, at least I hope he did, he said he was going to, to get tested for the Coronavirus. If it comes back negative, I don't know if he still has to sit out the 14 days before returning to the school or not, but if it comes back negative, Chris and I are in the clear. If it comes back positive, God forbid, then Chris  and I will have to quarantine for 14 days.

I could technically do my show from my house in Endicott, but it won't sound the same. I would be using my laptop to transmit the signal to the station, and it wouldn't sound as good as being here in the studio in downtown Binghamton.

So if you're listening next week, and I sound a little different, you know I will be broadcasting from my house.

Stay safe my friends.

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