My wife and I have been on the Mediterranean diet since November. We have both lost quite a bit of weight. Just about every week, we go off the diet at least for one day. For two weeks during that time, we have gone off the diet completely. Even last night, we were invited to our friend's house for dinner. They served a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Now, on the Mediterranean diet, you can eat the vegetables and you can eat the turkey, but the mashed potatoes and the stuffing are no-nos. But really, who can eat turkey without mashed potatoes and stuffing? Not I. So, of course, I went way off the diet last night by having two helpings. And then our friend Michelle made homemade cheesecake. I didn't want to be rude so I had to have some of that too. After all it took her hours to make it.

Then, I come into work today feeling like a pig after eating so much last night and I see these cupcakes sitting in the staff kitchen. Or newswoman Kathy Whyte made them and they look so good. So far, I've resisted the urge to eat one or three. Last week, she brought in homemade poppy-seed muffins. I saw them first thing in the morning and avoided them for most of the day. Then, and when temptation finally got the best of me I went into the kitchen to get one and they were all gone. So I dodged that bullet I guess. Earlier this week, another co-worker brought in bagels, as well as other treats, not to mention the snack machine is in that room, staring at me every day, calling out my name. I think maybe I need to get myself a Keurig machine and leave it here in the Whale Studio. That way I can avoid going in the 'room of temptation' altogether. Dieting sucks!

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