Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Players Union have another meeting planned on Tuesday as they attempt to reach an agreement that would enable both sides to come to an agreement to start the Major League Baseball season.  Under the owner's proposal teams would play an 82-game regular season schedule which would begin the week of the July 4th holiday.  It appears that the first games if not all games would be played with no fans in attendance.  Both sides say they want to play.  Fans say they want baseball back.  So where do the problems lie in getting that done ?

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According to various published reports there are two major issues and concerns separating the two sides.  First off is the health and safety of the players, coaches managers and staff. Various players say they are concerned not just about their health but about the health of their families. How safe will the environment be to play the season ?

The second issue pertains to money. According to a report released by the Associated Press MLB teams will lose on average at least $640,000 per game with no fans in attendance.  This includes ticket revenue along with concessions and souvenirs.

Matt Snyder reporting on writes that owners revenue from the 2019 season was over $10 billion.  He states that MLB revenue has increased for the last 17 consecutive years and despite that fact players' salaries have decreased for the last two seasons.  MLB owners are offering a 50-50 split of revenues from games played this season, again with no fans in attendance.  The players want something that was reportedly offered in late March meetings that spoke of pro-rated salaries.  Those would give players compensation based on per games played.  Each game played would be valued at 1/162 of the total yearly salary.  Owners counter that was on the table before the realization that games would most likely be played with no fans attending.

So, heading into Tuesday there remains a wide divide. Time is ticking and still no baseball.  Perhaps by tomorrow night baseball fans will have some answers.


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