That's certainly sounds like something you'd never hear me, but there it is, anyway. Why you may ask? Let me explain.

As you may or may not know, I am not a friend to Winter or late Fall or early Spring. Pretty much any time of year that contains cold temperatures, ice and snow.

This past weekend had the promise of warmer temperatures and plenty sunshine. It did not disappoint. People were out enjoying Saturday and Sunday. Many doing some spring chores, cleaning up yards, washing their vehicles and many other things you do when we get a beautiful weekend.

I thought the same, except some things decided to test my sanity. First, I went into work (The Whale) to do some things. As I reached the parking ramp, I discovered my access card was missing. I have had it for 20 years, and never lost it. I do the same thing every time - swipe the card, and place it back in a cup holder.

So, I had to take a ticket to access the ramp. I searched everywhere in my vehicle to no avail. I used it Friday evening to get out of the ramp, so I'm baffled where it ended up. You know it will be found after I purchase a new access card. That's how life works.

Later on Saturday, I decided to install a new filter for my small pond. It advertises as a simple installation. It did not. Mostly, because I have a problem reading instructions, After several tries, I got it right, but not before I ended up getting soaked.

As I finished that project up, the new owner of the house next to mine, introduced himself and then mentioned that a huge tree that borders our properties needed to come down, and soon before it does it on it's own and crashes into our homes. He offered to split the cost, which as you may know, is not cheap. But it's gotta be done.

Sunday, I stayed in the house and sat on the couch watching movies, as if it was just another cold, wintery day with nowhere to go or nothing to do. The day went just fine.

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