I love attending the PGA Champions Tour's Dick's Sporting Goods Open in Endicott at En-Joie.I volunteer every year to do my part, but also to see these legendary golfers play up close and in person. Some of these guys are 20-plus years older than me, and they hit the ball further than I can, and they hit it right down the middle of the fairway just about every time. I just scratch my head in amazement wondering how can they do that.

Today I saw on the PGA website that a 61-year-old grandfather is being recruited by a college in Nebraska, to play golf on their golf team. The guy's name is Don Buyers. He was supposed to play college baseball fresh out of high school, but he blew out his arm and wasn't able to play. So he still has eligibility left to play college sports. It turns out he was golfing with his friend who is the coach of the college golf team at Bellevue University in Nebraska. During their round, Buyers was playing so well, the coached joked around about signing him to the school as a golfer. After talking about it for a few weeks, it appears it is going to happen.

Buyers will be competing against players 40 years his younger. It sounds like a great script for a movie. I wonder who will star in it, Chevy Chase or Adam Sandler might be a good choice.

[via PGA]


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