For the last few years, The Southern Tier Independence Center had a Halloween fundraiser at their Frederick St, building in Binghamton called 'The Haunted Halls of Horror'. They used to have people dress up as zombies out walking around the building just to add to the ambiance and to draw attention to what was going on inside.

Unfortunately, they are not holding the event this year because they needed the basement in their building for day-to-day operations. This never happened at the Southern Tier Independence Center, thank God.

There was a Strange But True story I had this morning from KSL Utah about a dance company in Park City Utah that does a show based on Michael Jackson's "Thriller". They do it every year and they have a group of dancers dressed up as zombies outside the theatre promoting it and scaring people, just like the Southern Tier Independence Center used to.

While they were outside scaring people a 56-year-old man named Drew Hyde was walking by with his family. He warned the actors that he would knock them out if they touched him or scared his daughter.

According to KSL, Hyde claims they didn't stop so he was forced to defend himself. He ended up punching a 14-year-old girl in the face, another one in the chest, and grabbing several others by their necks.

And Hyde himself is no small man. According to Park Record, he is about 6 foot 2, 215 pounds, and was a former college football player.

He was arrested and is now facing five counts of child abuse. He is still saying that any father would have done the same thing. I do not agree with him.

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