Imagine you and a couple of your friends going out to Halloween attraction. There are many of them here in the Binghamton area and a lot of major attractions not too far away. You go and you expect to be frightened by people jumping out at you and things of that nature. But would you ever expect something like this?

It happened in Nashville Tennessee. According to Fox 11 News, a bunch of friends went to a place called Nashville Nightmare. Like a lot of haunted attractions, they had people dressed up in Halloween costumes walking around scaring guests.

A woman named Tawnya Greenfield was approached by one of the cast members, or someone posing as a cast member. The man, dressed in a costume, asked if her friend was messing around with her. According to Fox 11 News, Greenfield replied "yes'. At that point, the unknown person handed her a knife which she thought was a fake knife. According to Fox 11 News, the unknown person that handed her the knife supposedly said, "well here, stab him".

Again she thought it was a prop so she stabbed her friend and said: "haha gotcha". It turned out the knife was real and she stabbed her friend in his arm.

According to the report, there was blood squirting from the victim's left arm and the man in costume ran away.

Police are still trying to find the person that handed her the knife.

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