The 2016 Little League World Series Champs from Maine Endwell will have a sign on RT. 17 C to commemorate their amazing accomplishment.

Every kid that plays little league dreams of making it to Williamsport for the August tournament. I remember my last year of Little League, we made it to the City / County Championship game. Well spoke about how cool it would be to run the table and make it to Williamsport. A team from Scranton derailed our dream. We won the County title, but they beat us in the City vs County game.

Even though I live in Endicott and my stepson played Little League for West Corners (Endicott), I still looked at last year’s Maine Endwell team as my home town team. I watched one of their semifinal games on the big screen at Maine Endwell High School and my wife and I took the trip to Williamsport to see the championship game live. It was an incredible game. The local kids beat out the much bigger South Korean team and made not only the Binghamton area proud, but the entire United States.

The boys carried themselves with class through the whole experience. They all seemed to be very respectful to the coaches, parents, opposing teams, and even to the game itself.

I still look back with fond memories of my Little League days and that one great year, I’m sure these guys will always look back with a lot of pride.

The sign will be unveiled tomorrow at 11:30 on Rt.17 C, just past Home Depot where Johnson City meets Endwell.

Congratulations again boys! You deserved everything you have received so far and good luck this year!


Roger Neel WNBF News
Roger Neel WNBF News

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