The NFL Playoffs start this weekend. I'm a die-hard Eagles fan and being that they finished first in the NFC, they have a first-round bye. With that being said, the way they've been playing the last 3 weeks, it wouldn't surprise me if they get knocked out next week. But, I'll worry about that next week. This week, I'm just planning on sitting down and watching some great games.

It starts with Tennessee and Kansas City on Saturday. It's the first game and it starts at 4:35. That will be followed by Atlanta traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Rams. Sunday Buffalo and Jacksonville go head-to-head in Florida, and later in the afternoon, the Saints will host Carolina. My wife is a Bills fan so I guess I have to root for them to keep her happy, but other than that, I just hope to see four very entertaining games this weekend. I hope they're all close games and that they all come right down to the wire.

And if you're a real football junkie, you've got to be looking forward to Monday as well with the NCAA National Championship game, featuring Georgia and Alabama.

Are you ready for some football? I know I am.

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