These days, Endicott native Jon Jones is all about re-inventing himself, after some more legal troubles this past year. He has been slated to fight to get his title belt back on April 23rd against current (default) champ Daniel Cormier. Jones announced a couple of days ago that he will be adding two world champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) coaches to his corner: Roberto Tussa Alencar and Rafael Freitas.

Now, you may be wondering "Who are these guys? Why should I care?" Roberto Tussa Alencar is a black belt under Carlinhos Gracie and runs a Gracie Barra-affiliated gym in Albuquerque, where Jones has been training out of for a few years now. In the BJJ world, he has become a four-time champion at the World No Gi tournaments, Pan American title holder, and tons of medals in competitions all around the world. Rafael Freitas holds multiple world championships and medals, as well as a huge list of other accomplishments in the BJJ world.

Jon Jones is already a BEAST as a student of Jackson-Winklejohn MMA, but with these two huge additional to his arsenal... we will surely get quite the show in April against Daniel Cormier. Watch out, Danny... Endicott is gunning for ya!

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