[UPDATE: 4:24pm, 3/29/16]

Jon Jones was booked a couple of hours ago in New Mexico for violating his probation due to this citation for drag racing. Jon's representative with EAG Sports stated:

"Jon and his team are taking this very seriously and we will let the legal process play out. We are confident he will be released once he has an opportunity to explain to the judge the facts in this case." 


I know that this must come as a surprise to many of you, but Endicott native, and "former" light heavyweight champion of the UFC, Jon "Bones" Jones got in trouble with the law again for allegedly drag racing his vehicle. Here's my question: "Why doesn't he have drivers to take him places? He can certainly afford it, and I'm certain that he has a tight-knit group of friends" He has gotten in trouble multiple times now with the law, and they have all been behind the wheel one way or another.

Jones is quoted as saying:

"I was not drag racing nor was I speeding. I did not get a speeding ticket. I was driving within the speed limit of the 35mph zone."

"I feel that police used a technicality to ticket me for drag racing, for simply revving my engine and acknowledging some of my local fans. I regrettably said words to the police officer out of frustration, for which I apologize for, but I do feel this was excessive."

See the video below, and judge for yourself:

*WARNING* - may contain some NSFW language