I've had Strange But True stories before where kids have brought “toys” that they found in their mother’s nightstand into school for show-and-tell. This is more a sign of the times.

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This happened over in Scotland, according to the Scottish Sun, a 36-year-old woman named Louise Hosie, found a surprise item in her daughter's jacket pocket while doing laundry. Her five-year-old daughter Summer was just following the coronavirus rules and wanted some hand sanitizer to use while she was at school. She found what she thought was hand sanitizer, but it was actually Ann Summer's Heat Wave Lube.

The mother won the bottle of lube during an Ann Summers balloon pop party. She placed a bid on a balloon, and when they pop the balloon, whatever is inside is what you get. Louise won perfume as well as a bottle of lube.

She said she thinks her daughter thought it was hers because it had her name (Summer) on the bottle, and she was using it as school as hand sanitizer. When she asked her daughter
how it worked, she said it was good because it felt hot and smooth on her hands. It turns out Summer also shared the hand sanitizer with her friends.

Louise said she is embarrassed, but she also finds it funny. She said when her daughter turns 18, she will tell her the story and she might have a picture of Ann Summers Lube on top of her cake. Hosie said that she does not know if any of the teachers saw the bottle of lube or not.

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