There's nothing worse than going to a concert or a sporting event, parking your car, walking up to the door, then realizing you have something in your possession that is prohibited from entering the building. If it's just a drink, it's not too bad, you can just toss that. But, when it's a camera, a backpack, or in some cases a lawn chair, you can't just throw those away. So you have to turn around, march back to your car, put the stuff in your car, and hope nobody breaks in to steal it.

With that in mind, Broome County has released a long list of restricted items for the W.W..E. event in Binghamton this Sunday. According to, the list consists of items are restricted by the WWE. Some of them are obvious like; recording devices, weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, and drug paraphernalia. There are also restrictions on the size of purses women can bring in as well, and there are even restrictions on masks.

If you are going to see the WWE at the Floyd L Maine's Veterans Memorial Arena this coming Sunday, take a second and check out this list so you don't have to walk back to your car. Tickets are still available for the event at The Arena box office. They start at just 15 bucks.


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