According to a press release from the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center, they will kick off their fall season with some programs that will give you the opportunity to learn about our universe.

Coronavirus has caused the shut down of the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center for safety reasons, but now thanks to virtual live stream presentations, the Kopernik Science Center can come to you.

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This Friday September 18th Kopernik Observatory and Science Center will kick off the fall season with a program entitled “Fall Skies”, presented by Robert Byrnes who is  a member of the Kopernik Astronomical Society.

Fall Skies will give you a virtual tour through the skies, pointing out planets, constellations, along with galaxies and nebulae.

The presentation will also show you how to locate the international space station as it flies over our area, plus you’ll learn how to download and use star maps from the internet.

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