Everybody talks about karma when someone does them wrong. All you hear is 'karma is a bitch' and 'they will get what's coming to them'. How many times have you been on the highway and you're passing a car, and somebody comes up flying behind you, and you move over just to see the guy flip you the Hawaiian salute as he speeds off doing 90 miles an hour? Then, a couple miles down the road, you see flashing lights and notice that moron's car in front of a police cruiser.? I've seen it happen more than once. It's karma.

This morning I had a Strange But True story about a guy in New Orleans who was on top of a bar. According to Nola.com, he was leaning over the balcony  to spit on people below. That's when karma struck and the man fell from the second floor of the bar. I'm not sure what condition the man is in, but he was taken away by an ambulance, and taken to a local hospital.

I'm sure he's recovering in a hospital bed thinking karma really is a bitch.

[via Nola.com]

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