I am not a patient person when it comes to putting together a meal. If the instructions note that the product takes five minutes or longer to hear up in the microwave, I'll look for something quicker to make.

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Yes, I need to work on that issue. One thing that I find quick to prepare to eat, is a bagel. Break it in half, toss it in the toaster oven for a few minutes, butter it (and sometimes with a speed) and I'm good to go. And it's delicious.

Sometimes for lunch, I'll make a tuna and mayo bagel. Tastes so good. Now here's something I have never heard of, that is until recently. Have you ever heard of a 'Scooped Bagel?'

Well, it's a thing apparently, at least more so on the West Coast. According to an article on the People website - 'Scooping or tunneling a bagel is the practice of using a spoon to dig out a circle of the bready interior between the hole and the crust of both halves of the bagel.'

That sounds interesting. It certainly gives you more room for extra cream cheese, or whatever else you want to pile on. According to People, one reason people like a scooped bagel is because, well, there's less bagel, so fewer carbs and calories. Kind of a healthy choice as opposed to a regular bagel.

But here's the thing. This whole scooped bagel thing has recently become controversial after a person from Los Angeles, where apparently a scooped bagel is a common thing, did a video on TikTok, stating how hard it was to find a place in New York City to purchase a scooped bagel. WARNING: Strong language is used in the TikTok below.

Finally, this West Coast person was successful in finding a scooped bagel in the Big Apple.

Comments to his TikTok bright on quite a few irate New Yorkers who believe that it's basically a sin to tamper with a bagel. I can totally understand that. You don't mess with New York City bagels.

Some of the comments on the TikTok video included:

  • “I’m from Los Angeles,” told me everything I needed to know."
  • "I imagine a scooped bagel is like ordering a muffin and only eating the wrapper."
  • "As an east coaster that moved to LA…can everyone please understand the bagel conditions with which I’ve been having to endure."
  • "That's like getting a sandwich and removing the crust to eat the crust only."
  • "Why eat a bagel if you're going to dig out the foodstuff?! NY bagels are too good for that! Lol"

I had a hard time finding anything 'pro ' about a scooped bagel. Plus, for me, too much cream cheese on my bagel, is just that, too much cream cheese. Your thoughts?

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