When it comes to health insurance at work, most of us end up paying for part of our coverage. Some pay more than others with their company picking up the slack. Some companies, like the one I work for, offer different levels of premiums. The smaller amount that you have taken out of your check every week usually means the higher your deductible will be before your insurance covers some or all of your cost. It's almost like gambling if you think about it because we are trying to hold onto as much of our paycheck as we can while hoping that we don't need to use the insurance at all. Of course, if we have to use the insurance, those of us with the higher deductible end up spending more money out of pocket.

Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices suggests that when you re-upping your insurance, you should consider the HSA plans. That's where you can contribute money per pay to help pay for medical bills and the like.. You won't get taxed on that money if you use an HSA Plan. He also suggests that you study all the options and decide which one is best for you, but Stanley says the HSA plans usually save people money in the long run,

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