People are starting to plan their summer vacations. A lot of people will fly to other cities and then rent a car to get them from point A to point B on their vacation. If you have ever rented a car, I'm sure you have experienced this. That moment when the person behind the desk tries to push the rental car insurance agreement on you. They tell us we will be liable for any damage done to the car and that we should invest in the insurance. But Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices addressed this topic in this week's 'Joe Knows' segment. Joe said if you have car insurance in New York state you will be covered while driving a rental car as well. So in other words, you don't have to spend the $10 or $12 a day to get the car insurance through the rental company. He also advised us that we should pay close attention to the damage report on the car before you drive off the lot. That's the sheet of paper that the salesperson walks around the car with before you drive off, and makes notations on the paper as to the damage on the car. If there is a dent or a scratch on the rental car, make sure he or she documents that on the paper before you leave, or they might try and blame you for the damage. Joe Stanley went on to say that if you do have an accident while you are driving the rental car, just notify your insurance company just as you would if it was your vehicle. And as long as you have insurance in New York state, your insurance will cover it.

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