This week's segment of Joe knows with Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices was regarding a subject that we have touched on a few times. It was all about checking your medical records and why that is so important.

If you have any mistakes in your medical records they can hurt you in a bunch of ways. First of all, and most importantly,  God forbid you find yourself in an emergency situation and the doctor in the ER pulls up your records if there is a mistake in there it could turn out to be deadly. Let's say you're having a medical issue and the record says that you're allergic to a medicine that would help cure you but you aren't really allergic to it. If the doctor sees that he will not give you that medicine. And if you are allergic to something and your doctor never added it to your file,  that can kill you.

If something happens down the road and it involves legal action against your doctor or a healthcare facility or even an employer if there are mistakes in your medical record that could end up hurting you in the courtroom.

Joe suggests that you check your medical records often. Most doctors and hospitals will let you check your files online. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you are entitled to a hard copy of your medical file. So make sure you take the time and look through your medical file and make sure there are no mistakes.

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