In this week's 'Joe Knows' segment featuring Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices, Joe offered a friendly reminder to be on the lookout for wildlife on the road especially deer this time of year.

Joe works closely with insurance companies and he told us how a lot of insurance adjusters can't take off this time of year because of all the accidents involving deer. Joe informed us that Upstate New York is always high on the yearly list of most deer-related motor vehicle accidents in the United States. He remembers being told that on average between August and December 31st,  the number of deer versus car accidents in our area is around 40,000.

When a deer runs out in front of a car most people's reflex reaction is to jerk the wheel and swerve to try and avoid hitting it. That's fine if you are on a two-lane highway and you can safely swerve to avoid the deer, as long as you do not hit another car, a tree or go down an embankment.

Joe also reminded us that in a lot of cases swerving to avoid a deer causes even more damage and causes a lot more personal injuries. And it's even worse yet if you are on a two-lane road and you swerve to avoid a deer and hit another vehicle head-on.

A lot of times you just react and you don't even think. That's why Joe reminded us to take a split second and think before you jerk the wheel. Sometimes you are better off just hitting the deer especially if your only other option is to hit another car or a tree. And remember, when you see one deer there are usually more nearby. So if one runs out in front of you off in the distance, slow down because you might have more running across the road when you get to where you saw the first one.

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