I hope eventually there is a follow-up to the story where you get to see the damage to the vehicle that was involved in this incident as well as damage done to the driver and their passengers if there was any.

With snow in the forecast for the Binghamton area, keep this story in mind whether you are building a snowman, or think about trying to take one out.

According to KAIT, there is a 9-foot tall Snowman in Petersburg Kentucky that had the last laugh on Monday.

KAIT reported that Cody Lutz, his fiance Lucy, and Lucy's sister were playing in the snow on Sunday. Cody is originally from Buffalo New York so he knows all about snow, but it was the first time his fiance and his soon-to-be sister-in-law got to enjoy the snow.

So they decided to make a huge snowman. Cody used a huge tree stump as the base, he covered that in the snow, then they put a ball on top of that for the body, and a ball on top of that for the head.

Well, while Cody was at work on Monday, somebody decided to drive onto their yard and presumably drive through the snowman. They obviously did not know the top two balls were sitting on the tree stump.

Cody came home to find tire tracks in his front yard and marks from what appears to be a pickup truck in the snow surrounding the tree stump. So somewhere in the Petersburg Kentucky area, there is a truck with some front-end damage caused by a giant snowman.

Check out the pictures and the video of Cody explaining the situation here.

Snowman 1, redneck vandal, nothing.

[via KAIT]

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