Chris and I have a brick patio in our backyard that leads out from the covered patio. The patio is approximately 22 feet by 26 feet and has steps going down into the backyard. Chris and I, along with some help from a few friends, built the patio including the steps. Every now and then the bricks on the steps will loosen and if you step on them just right, they will roll out from underneath you. Thankfully, nobody has gotten hurt, but every other year we seem to have to rip the bricks up and glue them back down.

This past Wednesday, during the weekly 'Joe Knows' segment during the Freezone, Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices reminded everybody about why it is so important to fix problems like that on your property as soon as you discover them. Joe has covered lots of cases that have included personal injury on private property. Joe said that 'most of the people that get hurt on your property are either you the owner or one of your family members'.

Most people have insurance policies that would cover such an injury, but Joe reminded us that sometimes after an injury you never get back to being 100%. So if there are hazards on your property that can cause injury, make sure you take care of them before it's too late, because you don't want to cause a permanent injury to yourself, a family member, or a friend.

You can hear the Joe Knows segment with Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices every Wednesday morning around 6:20 during Freezone in the Morning here on 99 1 The Whale.

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