OK, you give one child something and not the other, only causes trouble. Except these are not children.

Last weekend, our Classic Rock theme was playing Doug Mosher's favorite Classic Rock songs. Well, that didn't sit so well with our midday guy - Kyle, who lamented that if Doug could have his own weekend, why couldn't he? Valid point.

So, this weekend's theme belongs Kyle. Hourly double-shots of his favorite Classic Rock tunes Saturday and Sunday. This is why I never had children. I've got 'em here. Lord, help me survive.

We’re always looking for ideas for Classic Rock theme weekends, so if you have an idea you’d like us to feature for a weekend, let us know.

Have a Rock and Roll Weekend, and remember to take 99.1 The Whale wherever you go, so you won’t miss all that great Classic Rock. We give you three ways to listen –  on your radio at 99.1 FM, online at 991thewhale.com and on your mobile phone with radioPup.