Today is a day all about donuts, veggie burgers, gingerbread, moonshine and even a strawberry moon. That sounds like an interesting combination.

The National Day Calendar lists today (Friday June 5th) as the day to celebrate donuts, veggie burgers, gingerbread and moonshine, among others. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do like the other three. Although, I have had a vegetarian burger a few times and they tasted very good.

As for the word 'veggie', I know for a fact that it irritates some people. It's vegetarian, not veggie. Why do we shorten names as much as we do? Is it too hard to say the full word? Some words or phrases are just limited to the first letter of each word. I ask why or should I say "IAW"?

Today is also  the day to celebrate and enjoy your favorite donuts. Mine is Boston cream and apple filled. I'l take a dozen please. It's also a day for celebration of gingerbread, I can take it or leave it.

And it's a day to recognize (or enjoy some) moonshine. I've tasted legal moonshine that was good, and I had moonshine one time that came from who knows where. After enjoying a glass or two, I'm not sure where I was. That experience was one time I'd rather not repeat. That moonshine tasted great going down, but the after effects were not pleasant. I've never seen my surrounding spin as much as they did after that experience.

Today is also the day of a strawberry moon according to NASA. A full moon is appearing for about three days. NASA also mentions this full moon is called a Homey Moon, Poson Poya, LRO and Mead Moon. Whatever you call it, I love to sit back on a clear night and look up at the moon, especially when I'm at the campground around a roaring fire and a bottle of beer. That's what life should be about.

via NASA and National Day Calendar

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