Is there life on other planets? I would tend to believe that somewhere in the huge vastness of space there has got to be a planet or planets that support life. How could it be that our planet would be so unique as the only one supporting life?

And by that, I mean intelligent life like us. Okay, I know using the words 'intelligent life like us' may make you chuckle, but you know what I mean. Or as we've seen in many science fiction movies, planets that support life may be inhabited with much more intelligent life than on earth.

In too many of those movies, the aliens more often than not have an agenda, and that's to destroy us and our planet, so I will be a bit nervous if we ever make contact with alien life.

None-the-less, when I find articles on science looking for life on other planets, it does peaks my interest. Recently I read an article from WJCL 22 about NASA receiving an FM radio signal coming from Ganymede, which is a moon of Jupiter.

I understand it was playing Classic Rock...okay, I tried to make a joke there and it fell flat. Actually, the WJCL 22 report states that NASA describes the signal as a natural function, rather than something life intelligent life.

The FM signal was picked up by the Juno spacecraft as it moved across a region of the planet Jupiter. You can learn more about the journey of the Juno spacecraft from the Juno Mission website.

It was July 4th, 2016 when Juno entered Jupiter's orbit, and has been studying the planet ever since. Juno launched over nine years ago on August 5th, 2011.

via WJCL 22, NASA

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