Wow, that the title of this article sounds a bit weird. But there it is, and it has a reason.

This week, we celebrate National Donut Day and Men Make Dinner Day. The first one, I can easily celebrate. I don't need an excuse to enjoy a donut or two, just like Homer Simpson.

Apparently National Donut Day comes not once, but twice per year. Can't complain about that. The other National Donut Day falls on the first Friday in June.

And I think I need to celebrate the day by buying donuts for my co-workers and I still need to pay it forward. Earlier this week, I stopped by a donut shop and when I got to the drive-up window to pay, I was informed that the person ahead of me already paid for my donuts. The right thing for me is to do the same thing and pay it forward, right? And that's my plan.

The second celebrated day for November 5th scares me. It will be Men Make Dinner Day, and if you know me, you know it would be a disaster in the making if you ask me to prepare dinner.

Granted, I can make garlic toast, scramble eggs and microwave anything, but creating a meal is out of the question. I never learned how to cook. Didn't have the desire or patience. I could possibly make a pot of spaghetti if pressed to do so, but I get impatient if a meal takes to long to cook in a microwave. Pretty pathetic, I know.

This whole thing about me avoiding learning to cook may have begun when I was a child. I remember once wanting to surprise my parents by the time they got home from work, by taking out a big bowl of cooked spaghetti from the refrigerator and warming it up so they could eat right away and not have to do any preparation. Problem was, I placed the glass bowl full of spaghetti in the oven.

Yea, the glass broke in several pieces inside the oven. Luckily my parents had a sense of humor and laughed it off. Of course, I never forgot that embarrassing moment. And maybe that's why this man does not cook!

via National Day Calendar

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