When I think back to Thanksgiving as a kid, I'm filled with memories of my grandma's candied yams that melted in my mouth and of my grandpa's gravy that he'd make in mass quantity- it was so good that I may or may not have snuck tastes of it with my fingers straight out of the pot when I thought nobody was looking. To this day, I have no idea what my Pop's gravy making secret is and no matter how hard I've tried, I've not been able to replicate gravy as delicious as his.

I remember the sound of leaves crunching under my feet as I'd run around my grandparent's yard and the warmth of the fire in the wood-stove, in front of which I'd curl up and nap after a big meal. I remember Thanksgiving being one of the few days that we kids were allowed to sit at the "big people" table in the formal dining room and I remember laughter and togetherness.  We weren't distracted by computers or cell phones or the TV.  It was just us, together and making memories.

What I remember most about Thanksgiving though was our family tradition of making gingerbread houses.  I don't know who came up with the idea, but it was explained to me when I was older that the purpose was to keep me and my siblings from being underfoot while the grownups prepared the meal. We kids would sit at the table and create gingerbread houses and somehow it always became a competition to see who could make the best house or who could get through the whole craft without eating all of their candy before their house was finished.

My husband and I are still working on what our family Thanksgiving traditions will be. So far, we're making gingerbread houses of our own and we've also got a tablecloth that we write our name, the date, and what we're thankful for. We pull it out each year and add to it and it's fun to see what we've been thankful for through the years.

Is there something special that you and your family or friends do together every year for Thanksgiving that you think my family would also love to do? Be sure to leave a comment below- I can't wait to hear your ideas!