I was looking forward to Sunday all week. Chris and I were going to take Ian golfing at En-Joie.

We decided to go later in the afternoon because we had things planned for earlier in the day. The plans earlier in the day fell through, but instead of moving our tee time up, we decided to stick with our original 3:50 tee time. That was a mistake.

We invited our friend Nick to come along with us. So the four of us met at En-Joie around 3:30. We grabbed some beer and some water, placed them on ice, I brought my cordless speaker with me for the tunes, and we headed down the first fairway.

By the time we got to hole number five, we can see some dark clouds off in the distance. On hole number six we started to hear thunder to our North. By the time we finished hole number 7, the wind was really gusting. It was just starting to drizzle at that point and the trees were really starting to bend so we decided we would drive in and maybe wait out the storm.

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So we drove back to the clubhouse where they were putting the carts away. They said there was lightning off in the distance and they were just about to start blowing the horn to call all players in. Which they did. So we just threw our clubs in the car after only playing seven holes. We will get a rain check for nine holes it so that's not a big deal.

About a half hour after we left the course, it stopped raining. The sun started to peek through a little bit and it was even a little cooler than it was earlier. I was trying to get Chris and Ian to agree to go back to the course and finish the round telling, them that I would call Nick and have him meet us back over there. But while it was raining, we went to grab a quick bite to eat, and at that point Chris and Ian were both saying they were done.

It figures. I pared three of the last 4 holes we played and then we stopped. We should have tried to move our tee time up a couple of hours.

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